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Choosing The Right POS System

With the advancement in point-of-sale systems it can be difficult to know which one will best fit the needs of your small business. Card Connect Commerce, based out of Virginia, is here to help you understand and have confidence in the POS system that you choose. In today’s blog, we are going to cover a few of the main things to consider and steps to take when selecting your business’ new POS system. Contact our team of experts today with questions or comments!

Business Type

What type of business do you own? Many people don’t realize the importance of choosing their POS system based on what type of business it will be used for. This is the best place to start. Most brick and mortar businesses will ultimately choose a standard, full-service POS system. Those specializing in retail will need to ensure that the POS system they choose has the versatility it needs. Mobile POS systems are also becoming more and more prevalent in some industries for use at events, food trucks, and other businesses that need more flexibility when it comes to their payment processing.

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Main Functionalities

Once you take into account what type of business you are running, it’s time to take a deeper dive into what it is exactly that you need your POS system to be able to do. Many are looking for something simple and straightforward, while others want their system to be more advanced and have the ability to build onto it to improve the customer’s overall experience, bookkeeping abilities, and business strategy. Identifying the needed functions of your business’ POS system prior to making your decision will help you to avoid unnecessary frustrations later on. Our team, at Card Connect Commerce, have found that some business owners need some hands-on time to really see which POS system they like the best. If that pertains to you, search for specific companies that allow trial periods or demos of the system software.


When you are searching for a new POS system for your business, be sure to create a budget to ensure that you have the funds needed to pay for all the components your business’ point-of-sale system requires. Taking cost into consideration is vital. While the high-end model may look cool and has all the bells and whistles, choosing a system that is out of your budget will lead to stress and complications later down the road and you may just wind up back at square one with an even smaller budget. At Card Connect Commerce, our team is dedicated to helping small businesses find the perfect POS system to fit their needs within their budget. Contact us today!

Payment Processor

What company are you planning to use for your small business’ payment processing? When it comes to POS systems, the people behind the machine are just as important as the machine itself. Choosing an established company, such as Card Connect Commerce, ensures that you will get an experienced customer support team that is on your side to assist in any troubleshooting or issues that you may run into with your POS system. At Card Connect Commerce, we specialize in point-of-sale and payment processing. It’s what we do. Contact us today for more information about our online payment processing and POS services!