How Card Connect Commerce Can Help Your Business Grow

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How Card Connect Commerce Can Help Your Business Grow

Every business owner knows that growth is critical to achieving success. At the same time, getting off the ground can be expensive, so finding a way to keep costs down while still making progress is necessary. Fortunately, Card Connect Commerce is here to provide you with a fully-integrated software that provides you with unparalleled support. Our experienced team of professionals and payment technologies gives you everything you need to build, manage, and scale your business. Here’s how we do it:


Make Every Transaction Easier

When you use our merchant services, you will be able to accept payments from anywhere: online, in the field, or at the store. Our software seamlessly connects to yours, keeping all of your payments organized for contactless processing. As your payment partner from start to finish, Card Connect Commerce ensures easy retail transactions, online payments, and mobile processes are safe so your business can grow on the go.


Complimentary Rate Analysis

Our team helps you take your business’s payment process to the next level by identifying any areas you are overspending. Working with our team of experts, you can find better interchange and processing rates that better fit the needs of your business.


Affordable Assistance

When you open a merchant account with Card Connect Commerce, you can rest assured that you will have the lowest monthly rates possible. We are dedicated to helping you grow and we know that some businesses start with fewer resources than others. That’s why we provide affordable assistance that can lift any business to new heights. In addition to fair rates, opening an account with us will also provide you with a free virtual terminal and/or a free device!



A key aspect of growing is preventing setbacks. This is why we prioritize security in our software. When you partner with Card Connect Commerce, both your business and your customers are protected. We ensure every payment associated with your account is secure and immune to data breaches. With the comfort we provide, you don’t have to worry about moving backward. Card Connect Commerce is here to move you forward.

To get started with our advanced merchant services and technology, contact Card Connect Commerce and get a customized quote on your business! For everything you need to keep your company safe as it grows, call Card Connect Commerce.

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