Our Complete Merchant Services for Your Business

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Our Complete Merchant Services for Your Business

When you partner with Card Connect Commerce, you’ll work alongside our team for support throughout your full-service integration process. We provide you with all the tools needed to build better payment experiences for your customers—all while protecting yourself against fraud and providing complete data security. Here is a breakdown of our merchant services:



Opening a merchant account with Card Connect Commerce will provide you with our latest POS system, card reader, and mobile card reader so you can make accepting payments as simple as possible. By simplifying business operations, you can address more areas of concern and maximize productivity.


Payment Processing

As a Card Connect Commerce partner, you will no longer have to worry about missing out on a sale. Our mobile app and card reader allows you to conveniently accept payments on-the-go, while also enhancing your customers’ experiences. Our merchant services give you the ability to process every form of payment quickly and easily, whether it be a retail purchase or an online transaction.



Setbacks can be devastating for a young business. Our software protects you and your customers from stolen information. Our point-to-point encryption (P2PE) software keeps all of your business’s data safe through our processing systems. Your customers are as important to us as they are to you, that’s why we include this P2PE and tokenization solution to keep you secure with the most advanced software available.



Card Connect Commerce integrates our incredible software and applications seamlessly into your business so you can track your sales and identify areas that need improvement. With our rate analysis tools, you can report on overspending and optimize your business growth.

You deserve the best. With these complete merchant services, both you and the people you serve can feel at ease with convenient, secure operations. Card Connect Commerce is committed to being your one-stop-shop for all merchant services. To get started, contact our team of experts today!

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